Welcome to our new blog – the first of our weekly posts. We’ll be covering a variety of topics; please let us know if you’d like to see a particular subject covered!

Ironically, our first two blog posts cover the subject of blogging; what is the value of blogging to your business and how do you get it right?

Why Does Your Business Need a Blog?

So what are the reasons for writing a blog? After all you’ve got your website and social media channels up and running; how does blogging help you to sell more?! Here are our top five reasons for writing a blog…

  1. Climb the Google Rankings Google ‘crawls‘ over the content of your website. This process helps it to understand what your website is about. Therefore, the use of language on your website is critical; writing a blog containing relevant words helps your website to climb the Google rankings organically (i.e. you don’t have to pay Google for the privilege!). 
  2. Spread the Word About Your Services Blogging works best when you write a mix of different types of content – i.e. informative content not usually centred around your business. However, writing a (non-salesy) post about your business from time to time can help you to build up a library of information for potential customers. People can find out about your offerings at their leisure, and if an enquiry comes your way, you can direct customers to a relevant blog post!
  3. Build Client Confidence. Writing through the voice of your business helps people to understand what lies beneath its products and services. What are your business’ ethics and what causes does it care about? Regularly posting interesting, insightful content boosts your business’ profile as a reliable and credible source of information.
  4. Engage with Potential Customers. Writing about a particular subject will help to draw your business to the attention of certain demographics. What would your ideal customer like to read about? Thought-provoking content is more likely to lead to interactions; be sure to answer any comments!
  5. Fuel Your Social Media Content Blogs can form the heart of your online marketing strategy, and the source of inspiration for engaging social media posts; it’s not always easy to create unique content. And blogs themselves usually offer higher value content than short-form posts.

These are just some of the many benefits of writing a blog post for your business. It is self-fulfilling too – the more you blog, and the higher the quality of the content, the better the results.

It’s important to set aside time in your weekly schedule for your blog writing. Getting into a routine helps you to stay on track; in addition, your followers will know when to look out for your latest post! You may find it time-consuming at first, but all will click into place when you find your own style of writing – stick at it!

Next week we’ll be following up on today’s post by exploring how to go about creating great content.

Does your business have a blog?  Comment with a link below!


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